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Designer Dog Collars, Leashes & Accessories

Max & Zoey HAS it all!!Your pet is unique so why would you want him or her to sport the same styles as any other pet out there? Here, at Max & Zoey, we have pet owners’ and their pets’ best interests at heart. We created an entire collection of products that fits your needs and those of your beloved pets. Why should you get Max & Zoey products?

Easy-to-use. Practical. Safe. Durable. Innovative. Trendy.

Trendy and Unique Couture Collars & Leashes

Max & Zoey collars and leashes are stylish and fashionably fierce! Your pooch will stand out in a crowd of pets simply because he/she will sport the newest style in canine fashion that fit his/her personality. The yummy Cupcakes, the exotic Geisha and other exclusive ribbons will have your beloved pets craving to be the center of attention!


Max and Zoey’s commitment to produce top-notch quality

Max & Zoey products are handcrafted in the USA and use top-notch quality materials. Our goal is to supply pet owners with durable, safe, reliable, comfortable and easy-to-use products. We achieve this goal by using the best materials out there for each of our creation. Max & Zoey products are made using grosgrain ribbons, strong nylon webbings of 4,000lbs tensile strength, secure hooks and snap controls that have been tested for resistance and safety. We want the best for our four-legged friends because they deserve it. We would not have it any other way!


Smart products that optimize training opportunities and facilitate your life!

Max & Zoey products, and more specifically our MZ Performance collection were created to accommodate the pets’ and their parents’ needs. These products bring the peace of mind of using safe and durable products that will make both of your experiences more delightful. MZ performance products such as the Double Dog Leash, the Hands- Free Leash, or our Vegan Leather collars and leashes are versatile and provide what your pooch really needs at different stages of his/her life.

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